Brass bells and jingle bells, Christmas ornaments and decorations - Wholesale directly from production

We are a traditional manufacturer of brass items since 1986. We make small objects by pressing and dragging brass sheet - functional bells and jingle bells of various sizes and shapes, small molded shapes for hanging pendants, whistles etc.. Our products are supplied to the dealer network at factory prices.

Our products are sold at markets and fairs, buying them wholesale with Christmas ornaments, and small shops with souvenirs, gifts and packaging services, production of souvenirs, used for binding wreaths and decorations from natural materials, etc..

If you are interested to buy our products, please see our catalog with prices in euros. Goods will be sent according to the agreement of several transportation companies. First, we recommend to fill our inquiry form, under which we will send you an offer. We are also keen for feedback on your sales of our products. So do not hesitate to contact us after the sales season and share with us your experiences so we can share your joy, or be able to help solve your problem.

Brass bells of many sizes

Luckies - lucky things for your wallet

Poor BrassFour-leaf cloverChimney sweepAngelHorseshoeFishHeartPiggy

PF Piggy

0,46 € per item

(MOQ 100 pieces)

Gold plated luckies

These lucky things also Gold-plated with 24 carat gold, 2 µm

1,46 € per item (MOQ 25 pieces)